Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Leeds and Reading festival

We played on the BBC introducing stage at both festivals and absolutely smashed it, with a crowd demanded encore at Reading. FUCKING MIND BLOWWING.

The words "about fucking time" spring to mind!!

Scotish Tour

We were lucky enough to go back out on tour with the LADS from The Sunshine Underground last week. We playing in Aberdeen at an absolute piss-fest and then went out afterwards to show Aberdeen how to drink, dance and eat cheesy chips before blagging our way into someones hotel room for a a kip on the floor. We spent a hungover afternoon on the sea front checking out what little Aberdeen had to offer.

We then drove to Dumfermline to do it all again. Another mega gig for a bunch of pissed up Scotch Lads. Then we drove to Glasgow to take in Scotlands finest city.

Unfortunately, one unlucky retard had elected himself as a promoter for the QMU gig in Glasgee and did a royal job of completely fucking it up. So The Sunshine Underground pulled the gig and we drove back to Leeds. It was no ones fault other than the promoter, its was a monumental fuck up, literally the biggest I have ever seen.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Check out these fucking lads - WIDOWS. They know how to make metal, party, drink, accomodate fellow musicians and get people blind stoned. Dudes in every sence of the word.

Driving back from Brighton

We just couldnt keep away from Dinosaur Pile up, after having a lovely few days with them and saying good bye, we saw them all the way up the M1 and along with BBC radio 1 and 2 banging out some pop belters, it made the 5 hour traffic jam from hell very entertaining. I also managed the task of taking a piss whilst driving, props to Harry for steering!!

We have been away playing shows again.

Yo, we have just come back from playing Nottingham, Brighton and Southampton. We played with some amazing bands, namely Freezing Fog, Gentlemans Pistols, Widows and last but not least, DINOSAUR PILE UP.
We took our friend Ben with us who is a card carrying legend. We did all sorts of shit on this little tour. Brighton was our favourite place as we got to go to the sea, play crazy golf, found a really good skate park, Harry and Ben got pissed and swam in the sea and tried to dry their sodden boxers on the hot counter in a fish and chip shop.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Two amazing posters coming right up!!!



Posters by Martin Peel and availabel very soon as limited screensilk print.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

March Tour Dundee

Fact - Dundee is a fucking shithole.
The only thing in Dundee worth a shit about is this huge pirate ship. If anybody in Dundee had any sense they would launch that fucker and get out of there. Dundee seems so far removed from the modern world its almost as if time has stood still and will be forever stood still, its like an abyss. We played with this band (of fools) called Shotgun Libido, a glam rock band from the middle of nowhere, where aberdeen angus just roam around, looking like Motley Crew just wiped their cocks all over them. The drummer, in his eternal wisdom, took it upon himself to use my snare drum and then ruin the skin (i've been quite bitter about the whole thing ever since). Anyway, it was a pretty turd night and a well
bum way to end the tour, so we robbed refreshments from ever other service station from Dundee to Manchester to make ourselves feel better.